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Kangoo Jumps are your key to a fresh, fun and pain free workout. Kangoo Jumps are rebounding shoes, designed to shape and work your body to its fullest capacity. Running in Kangoo Jumps Rebound ShoesBesides the dozens of advantages that Kangoo Jumps offer users, the specialized rebound shoes make exercise fun! But if you need a practical reason to exchange your treads for bounders, here are research proven benefits to using Kangoo Jumps.

Joint Protection:

When I took human biology three years ago, my professor told me that running on cement is torture on knee joints. His 40 minute rant on the subject struck home enough that now any time I run on cement a natural cadence of “killing my knees, killing my knees,” beats in time to my foot-falls. Impact forces from running causes two to three times the weight of the runner to travel down the spine and land into knee and ankle joints. During the course of a mile run, the average runner will endure 60-90 tons of force on the joints, which can lead to injury. Kangoo Jumps have been proven to absorb 80% of the force caused by impact related exercises, leaving you to enjoy all the pros of running and jumping without being stuck with all the injury related cons.

Reduced Recovery Time:

Because Kangoo Jumps harmonize body muscles and cause both the central nervous system and muscular system to work together; recovery time after an injury is dramatically reduced. If KJ’s are worn instead of typical running shoes, your likelihood of acquiring an injury drastically drops.

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Weight Manager and Cellulite Blaster:

Cellulite can form due to sluggish movement within the lymphatic system. 10 % of body fluid that is lost in capillary beds is returned via the lymphatic system. However, unlike the veins and arteries, these vessels do not have a pump, and therefore rely on our movements to get back to the heart. If we are sedentary, excess fluid can get trapped in the tissues and form dreaded cellulite. Using rebound movement with Kangoo Jumps can prime the lymphatic pump and get excess fluid moving. Rebound exercise has also been shown to increase metabolic rate and help you burn calories more efficiently than typical athletic footwear.


Using Kangoo Jumps fires every muscle in your body and initializes core stability. When you wear your Kangoos, you will burn fat and tone up quicker due to the engagement of core back and abdominal muscles. Furthermore, ideal foot placement is ensured when you wear Kangoo Jumps. Proper alignment for the whole body will result and lead to more oxygen for the brain, heart, and muscles to keep you functioning optimally.

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Face Lift:

Bounding movements make skin cells firmer and thicker, which will lead to more elastic, radiant, and younger looking skin.

Optimal Health:

There are dozens more benefits to participating in rebounding exercise. The above advantages are just a sample of ways your body will improve from using Kangoo Jumps. Kangoo Jumps have the approval of doctors, trainers, physical therapists, and practitioners, and could be the most paramount innovation for safe and effective physical activity to date. Discover for yourself the boundless body benefits that you will achieve by experiencing the energy of Kangoo Jumps.